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Planning your events just got easier

Organize your outings. It'll blow your mind.

No more confusion about who is going to bring what to your event.


Easily create new events. Nice!

Forget handmade invitations and snail mail, with planTastic, your friends can RSVP to your event with the click of their mouse!


Keep track of upcoming events. Checkmate.

Use your personal profile to keep track of events you're attending.


About the creators


Bryan Smith

Born in California, raised in Arizona, I'm a one of a kind web developer! I started web development after deciding I needed a change. I thought web development was the best cross between creativity and coding! So far it's been an awesome journey that I've been able to share with the wonderful people to my right.


Jackie Fambrough

Born and raised in the Central Valley and currently residing in Oakland. Things I enjoy: web development, jokes, music, food, and friendship. Check out my GitHub account to see other works I’ve contributed to and created!


Sarah Bannister

Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. I really like nachos, dogs, motorcycles, bad movies (good movies are cool, too) and traveling. I used to be a hairstylist before I decided to follow my dreams of becoming a web developer/UI designer and I couldn't be happier!


Rene Arellano

An SFSU alumni, I came to the city for an education and stayed for the people, food, and opportunity. During my residency in SF, I experience the Bay Area influence on the world with the hyphy movement and the share economy. Accordingly, I am passionate about open source projects that contribute to the greater good. PlanTastic was a great platform for affecting both.